The easiest way to control your assets 

Know where your equipment is at any time. Keep track of asset movement across locations, persons, or teams in a smarter way.

Save time

Replace error-prone spreadsheets with a system that provides full visibility of all your assets and their location.

Track with confidence

Always know where your assets are located and who is responsible.

Prevent losses & damages

Track your asset locations and users over time, to see where things should be.


Smart tracking – for all types of assets

Your business inventory is unique, so we’ve designed a flexible way to organize all sorts of stuff. Manage asset data and workflows in a way that works for you, whether you're tracking laptops, machinery, or medical equipment.

Custom Fields

File management

Spreadsheet import

“With Rentman's Asset manager we can easily keep track of our assets. We know what’s available, broken, lost and what needs service.”

Christoffer Gustafsson

CEO at One Audio


Handle assets across multiple locations

Keep full visibility of your assets and make it easy to manage asset movements. Control your assets from a central place and speed up your workflows. With Rentman, you know who’s using your assets or where they are located at any moment.

Check-out process

Manage asset locations

Create and manage reservations


Asset management with the whole team

Help your team self serve. Our asset manager can be used by anybody in your organization. Whether it's for collecting items, reserving assets, or operating workflows – you control what everyone can see or do.

Customizable user permissions

Assign tasks and leave notes

Real-time notifications for events


Manage assets on the go


Mobile QR & Barcode Scanning

Generate your own labels and scan them easily with a mobile device.

Mark defects and missings

Every user can easily report when something is wrong with an item directly on site.

Check warranty and manuals

Check warranty and manuals

Add files and images so everyone understands how to use your equipment.


Educational  |  1200 employees

“Now that tracking equipment is more smooth, there are more opportunities to grow our processes and include education at each step.“

School ROC Friese Poort streamlines equipment tracking for students with Rentman


How many items do you want to manage?

Includes all features and unlimited users
  • Free support
  • Automatic updates
  • Data backups

More features of Rentmans Asset Management system


Schedule maintenance and inspections for your assets.

Lifecycle tracking

Keep track of deprecation and use of your assets.


Assign alternatives so your staff know what to take when an item is not available.

Electronic signatures

Track approvals of asset hand-over with electronic signature.

Scan items in / out

Use your mobile camera or a hand scanner to scan labels.

Usage reports

Keep a record of the heavy used and unused items. So you know what to buy and sell.

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See our Asset Management software in action

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